There is no need to worry about your elbows or knees digging in; the rebounder acts as a soft cushioning and provides support for your lower back.This is why rebound training is not just great fun for young people, but also good exercise for seniors who are looking to improve their balance and strengthen their muscles without putting too much pressure on their knees.

The Tabata method – 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off – was developed by Japanese sports scientist Izumi Tabata, who found that doing short bursts of high-intensity exercises improves one’s anaerobic capacity and aerobic power. By just the second round, I am drenched in sweat, and huffing and puffing.

Doing simple movements such as lunges, ab twists or squat pulses on a rebounder requires much more muscle control.

“You have to hold your balance to stay on the rebounder, so you are involuntarily holding the core in and activating it,” Tam explains.

Another class Tam recommends is Combat Bounce, a non-contact martial arts/boxing-based workout. But the hard part is, you have to balance yourself while exerting that force out,” says Tam.

Then she started balancing on a rebounder as part of her physiotherapy.

“Within a few sessions, it was healing faster than with any of the rehabilitation programmes I’d been doing.” The former professional dancer began researching rebounder equipment and, in 2014, opened Asia’s first rebounder training studio in Hong Kong.

With a party atmosphere, LED Game Night is great for newcomers who want to get their first taste of rebound training.

Those who are up for a challenge should try Tabata rebound, the ultimate fat burner.

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There are six rounds in total: each consists of four sets of exercises – such as high knees, fast run, burpees, plank saw and mountain climb – that are repeated twice.